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"Well begun is half done..."

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Ya'll you need to know this now... I LOVE MARY POPPINS! I really do ... when I was a kid I saw the movie at least 4 times in the theater one summer... I was enthralled with the amazing Nanny that made fun out of A N Y T H I N G even cleaning up one's room. She could charm any cranky old grump & they would be all the better for it! I wanted her in my world and wanted to be her when I grew up! Seriously she didn't take any guff from anyone, she loved FIERCELY, but knew when it was time to go.... even when the little charges she came to help were sure they could never do without her... she knew better because she had made a difference in their community and family.

At the end of that movie aren't you sad to see her go but isn't it wonderful to have the glimmer of hope that it will all be better than expected for the Banks Family and their little window on the world? I always get welled up at the end... e v e r y stinkin' time...! Gah!! Even typing this I am getting a lump in my throat!

As we grow up we see more and more truth in that tales of our childhood. C. S. Lewis said, "Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again...". The more birthdays I celebrate the more this quote resonates in my very soul!

I remember when I played "Poppy" for my first baby when she was old enough to enjoy it... by then I had been able to purchase a copy on video (yay for technology)... we danced, sang, giggled, replayed the "tea party on the ceiling 4x", & twirled our way through it... and I was able to see the magic and wonder of Mary Poppins through a whole new set of eyes... and comfort her when Poppy went away.... but also remind her to find the joy that the family had realized the importance of one another, Mary Poppins had completed her mission.

Remembering to keep that splash of childlike wonder in the mix has helped me weather some of the most difficult storms...

A couple of my most favorite pieces of wisdom are found in the Bible... one of them being Romans 8:28, I like the amplified version best. That passage basically says that God can and will use "all the things" you have dealt with in your life to work things out for your good, when you love him and are called to the purpose he has for you here.... That news blew me away! Seriously, God can use goofy people who have messed things up royally to do something amazing?? Yep, He sure can and does!

Take a look around and realize life can be amazing... if you need to be reminded, go watch "Poppy"!



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