• Do you have what it takes to be a “Fierce BAIJN”? (*BAIJN pronounced BYE-GIN)

  • Do you remember the CONFIDENT IDENTITY you had before the weight of the world fell on you?

  • Are you ready to grab ahold of your dreams and make them a reality?

  • Have you already begun to stoke the fires of who you were created to be?

  • Are you looking for a “No-Drama-No-Fluff>Straight-Talk-With-Love>No Judgement-Safe” place to collaborate with like-minded and life-minded women?

  • Do you subscribe to the idea that “Your opinion of me is none of my business!”?

  • Are you ready to take all the nuggets that you have been learning and put them together to live boldly in your Zone of Genius?

  • When fear and imposter syndrome creep in be able to speak life, shake it off and WIN!!


                                               -Are you ready for the Next Level of Accountability?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions then you, my beautiful sister, are indeed a Fierce BAIJN (aka Badass In Jesus’ Name!)!!

You are formally invited  to join in the adventure of being a Founding Member of the Fierce BAIJN Society!

This is going to be a hybrid between an accountability group, group coaching and a mastermind.


What are we gonna do in this group? {I’m so glad you asked!!}


  • We will cheer each other on to do things that push us into our “Zone of Genius”!

  • We will have a monthly Group Zoom Training!

  • We will have a monthly Hot Seat Call via Zoom. (This is where presubmitted questions are answered live!) Because there are strength in numbers these calls can be the catalyst to a great many ideas for all involved!

  • You will have access to a private Facebook group just for us Fierce BAIJNs to communicate on the regular!

  • You will have access to email support as well!


There are only a few spots available for the amazing women who are ready to commit to becoming the best version of themselves!

Currently only available through one of

Charlotte's Fierce Life Coaching Packages.